Thursday, June 4, 2015

A Sonnet for Airboy #1

W: James Robinson A: Greg Hinkle P: Image Comics
Draw me in with scatology                            
of grown men in crisis. We have been there.
Airboy in twenty fifteen, why would we care?             
Is it some meta bullshit skeleton key.    
If so, so unsustainable it will be.               
No, we must trust the creators here, they’re
James Robinson, Greg Hinkle who craft Air-
Boy out of ecstasy and debauchery.              
Chuck Dixon this is not, but lots of dicks
Is it auto-bio or some a joke?                    
Whither heroes? This comic should be banned!
A studded nip? Charlie? All in the mix.
Why classify? Enjoy the crapulent soak.
“Gentleman … This behavior will not stand.”

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