Tuesday, September 4, 2012


This Thing of Ours
In a fit of what I can only imagine as rapturous, card-carrying nerd and internet nice guy, Aaron Meyers tweeted: ''Seriously, how great is the comic's community on twitter? You folks are fantastic.'' It's true. The virtual LCS that everyone else calls the internet (or web) is up to its cyclopean visor in fervent and fast friends who wanna talk some comics. It ain't no pajama party, nobody's braiding nobody's hair, there is, however, a lot of talk about boys, but, sadly, there are no pillow fights. It's competitive, so you better come correct. The comic-book-store-guy snark that the 'straights' think comic books culture is about, look for it somewhere else, bub.
Your humble narrator hasn't been idle even though IiSF? has (I admit) been a bit sparse as of late. I've been working on my EGOT or whatever the comic book blogger equivalent is. I'm still slaving away for the best publisher and co-conspirator a guy could ask for, Comics Bulletin's grand poobah, Jason Sacks. Along with the Jerry to my Joe, Daniel Elkin, there are more reviews waiting in the wings, one of which contains this nugget of Elkin erudition: ''It's that intense desire that you are overwhelmed with at the sight of a person or an object – the one upon which you have that deep animal longing to rub your genitalia;'' and this from Sacks: ''an insanely appropriate and insanely wonderful Japanese WMD that looks to the past and to the future ...'' Yeah, these guys are the balls.
If you haven't read the interview I did for CB with Rachel Deering, by all means go, do. Deering is as smart and candid as anyone I've interviewed in seventeen years as a television reporter/photographer. Often the most candid interviewees have axes to grind and so caught up in their own passions that they come off as insulated and aloof. Deering is passionate, no doubt, but down-to-earth and honest. She's got one of the best horror comics going, Anathema, and when she makes the big time, watch out.
To spread the Sophisticated Fun around I got asked to write for a new website for one of my favorite comic book podcasts, The Two-Headed Nerd Comicast. I've written about Joe and Matt here before, so when they asked if I'd contribute I jumped at the chance and hoped not be a pimple on the (Two-Headed Nerd) ass of progress. The essay I wrote was about how I've been lukewarm on Saga. Funny story, Saga slurper (I kid because I $3.99 like), Owen K. Craig of Panel Culture very congenially pointed out that I had spelled Saga scribe Brian K. Vaughan's surname as Vaughn. Craig could have dinged me for such an obvious and egregious mistake. Instead, he complemented me on my opinion, valiantly defended his boy Vaughan, and mentioned in a demure direct message on Twitter that I had misspelled his master's name. That's how you come correct without coming off like a prick. Be 'the Owen.'

These roll call posts wouldn't be complete without a mention of my blog-father, Justin Giampaoli of the incomparable Thirteen Minutes. I wrote a review of Mind MGMT, for what Justin has (now) christened a recurring feature called 'shotgun blurbs' about creator-owned comics. In his 'no-nonsense, icy Walter-White-like efficiency, Giampaoli wanted to know, in 300 words or less: what the comic is about and why should someone buy it. My latest 'blast,' so-to-speak, is aimed at Prophet. How Brandon Graham has transformed this 90's cement-head into a sort of 'sophisticated fun' shall we say (?) WTF kind of story is a prime example of what can happen when creators are left to do what they do best, create.
It's been one year (August 31, 2011 to be exact) since I received that fateful spam from the bean-counters at Warner Brothers. One year removed from buying every New 52 title I could get my hands on (Red Lanterns? Suicide Squad? What was I thinking?!?). One year after agreeing to 'read a couple of comic books' with my 'old friend,' Seth, who must accept some of the blame for the 'pleasure of my compnay' that I inflict on you all. Now, I blog, tweet and email back-in-forth with all these smart and passionate writers, artists and creators. Excelsior! Meyers said it, ''You folks are fantastic.'' (Included a little Kracklin' Kirby Romance for all the lovin' goin' 'roun.' Enjoy!)
Aforementioned Links:
(re)AssessingSaga at Two-Headed Nerd, Interview with Anathema creator Rachel Deering and a review of Anathema #2 on Comics Bulletin, Thirteen Minutes Shotgun Blub: Prophet

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