Wednesday, July 18, 2012

Review: The Bulletproof Coffin: Disinterred

Total B.S.
  A big part of comic book culture is B.S. My weekly fix from my local comic's pusher is made all the more worthwhile because we talk about what we read last week, what we're reading this week, what we can't wait for next week and so on. What my mother would call, 'solving the world's problems.'
  Now, I love my LCS. It's small, shaped like a shoebox and there's duct tape holding the check-out counter together, but it is mine, sir. When I see pictures of comic book cathedrals like Bergen Street Comics, or hear the guys on Panel Culture talk about hanging out at Paradise Comics in Toronto, I get a little jealous. I can only imagine what Legend Comics in Omaha, Nebraska must be like. How it must feel to hang out and bull-shit with Joe Patrick as he waxes philosophical about Mark Waid; while nearby Matt Baum braises a cider-infused, grass-fed, 100% pasture-raised pork shoulder and caramelizes onions while simultaneously putting a steel-toed boot into the gut of some whiner who thinks there should even BE a Red She-Hulk. I'm sure this sort of thing happens all the time. Perchance to dream.
  So, I have my LCS with its well-curated, but smallish selection, so what. On the other hand, I have the power of the internet. I have my old friend Seth whose blog posts and emails make me want to keep writing and to continue to think about comics. I have the accredited professional comic book blogger, Justin Giampaoli who is always sixty-six steps ahead of me and who posts a score of reviews for every one of mine. I'm a better person for following people like @aaronmeyers, @martgray, @colin_TBTAMC, the whole Panel Culture crew and the writers of SEQART. Not to be forgotten, the person who told me to start a blog in the first place, the Kickstarter superstar Kelly Thompson.
  Which brings me to my colleagues at Comics Bulletin, Danny Djeljosevic, Jason Sacks and, of course, Daniel Elkin. When Elkin invited me to write about Wood and Kelly's Local with him, it turned into the best B.S. session I’ve had in a long time. I am forever in his debt and come hell or high water, we'll get to B.S. face-to-face, over a bottle, couple of glasses and some ice. They have ice in hell, right? I've teamed up with Elkin again to bring forth this: The Bulletproof Coffin: Disinterred. BC:D doesn't get enough praise (I'm looking at you Two-Headed Nerd!). It's a tough comic book to recommend to someone  because … well, where do you begin and how do you describe it and not sound cracked? As you’ll read, I go right 'round the bend by the end. What can I say? Hine and Kane make me want to create and maybe by the end, you'll will too.


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    1. JP,

      Did I get it somewhat right? Is Legend Comics the Elysium I imagine? You do wax do you not?

  2. Seems like I'm missing something good. I'll have to check this out.

    Don't forget to follow my blog, I'm already following yours.

    1. Arion,

      Thanks and yes! I'm following, I'm following, I'm hip I'm hip! ;-)

  3. There's nothing like having pride for your LCS. As a retailer, going to the Diamond Summit in Baltimore and meeting tons of other people working on the retail side of the industry is one of my favorite comic experiences. It's an amazing small community and I love that everyone has pride for their own store, but still respects and checks out new stores every time they visit a new town.

    Twitter: @The_dfc

  4. Denny,

    Thanks for your comment! I too love the LCS (warts and all) I look for you on Twitter. Curious How you find out about this post?

  5. No problem! I follow a lot of comics, film, and gaming blogs - but I believe this one was recommended to me by a mutual friend. Kate H. from State College?

    Twitter: @The_dfc