Tuesday, July 24, 2012

Interview: Amy Reeder and Brandon Montclare

I'll Pour Coffee

"Authenticity. We like the inside story, the secrets. We constantly feel the best, coolest stuff is being withheld from us. In other words: there is never enough information" (72).
-- Dana Spiotta, Eat the Document

I am fascinated by Kickstarter.com. More to the point, I am fascinated to watch as Kickstarter and othercrowd-source funding websites will inevitably gain and lose momentum in the popular culture in years to come. I have backed three projects on Kickstarter and one at Indiegogo. That and a nickel won't buy me (or you) a cup of coffee as the saying goes -- does anyone say that anymore? Just me? Oh, O.K.

During one of my recent b.s.sessions at the LCS, I asked the manager if he thought writers and artists funding projects using Kickstarter would take business away from comic book shops. ''I'll pour coffee,'' he said. When I raised my hand and asked for clarification, he explained that the more money that goes directly to creators, the better. Even better than that is the increased pressure that direct-sales-to-artists puts on Diamond. I'll pour coffee ... And, we have our t-shirt slogan.

The fact that the money goes directly to the creators (even though Amazon, in the case ofKickstarter, serves as a middle-man and therefore gets to dip their beak) is one of the things that appeals to me about Kickstarter. I also feel like I'm getting some sort of 'insiders deal' like knowing about (and loving) a band before anyone else or reading books deemed unreadable. Exclusivity, when it doesn't entirely exclude, can be fun.  That's the thing about crowd-source funding,it's democratizing. It's empowering. It gives a voice and a creative outlet for ideas that aren't ready for primetime … not yet, anyway.

When I toldComics Bulletin publisher, Jason Sacks, that I had backed Amy Reeder and Brandon Montclare's HalloweenEve, he said we should interview them about the project for Comics Bulletin. He even took the initiative to email Reeder and Montclare on my behalf. Reeder and Montclare were game and very generous with their time answering my questions. So, thank you Amy. Thank you Brandon. And thank you Jason.

As you read the review, one word comes up again and again, 'process.' That is the ultimate 'insider's deal.' It's authentic. Process is not inspiration or an origin, no, it's the story that develops around an idea, the effort that goes into shaping the idea. It's the work. Maybe that's why I'm fascinated by Kickstarer. It represents the work and the process at the same time. Enjoy! I'll pour coffee.

Interview with Reeder and Montclare on Comics Bulletin

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