Wednesday, May 29, 2013

Review: X-Men #1

The Kid Is Alright

Either in an effort to skew younger or confirmation of my poor parenting skills (probably both) I asked my oldest daughter if she would like to review X-Men #1 for IiSF?. Like any nine-year-old who's been given the keys to her father's blog, she graciously and enthusiastically accepted. We read the comic together and after a night to 'think about it' she told me what she thought. I typed up those thoughts and present them here with very minimal editing.

X-Men #1 Writer: Brian Wood, Artist: Olivier Coipel, Colors: Laura Martin 

If you're looking for a comic about superhero women X-Men #1 is a great place to start. Every character is electrifying. The writer, Brian Wood, makes everything about this issue what I would call dramatic.

Jubilee was my favorite character because she is so caring and she was willing to take a baby under her wing. I'm really curious about the baby and what's going to happen with Jubilee and their relationship.

The only person who is happy Jubilee has a baby is Kitty. Kitty is a new character for me. I really liked how she could move through solid objects kind of like a ghost. I thought Storm was pretty cool and hardcore. I liked Rogue's super speed. She could fly so fast I bet she could catch up with a cheetah.

I hope that Jubilee and Kitty will soon discover the mystery about the baby. I like how you don't know where the baby came from and how he ended up with Jubilee. There's a great scene when the baby puts its finger to a train's loud speaker you see this electricity shoot through the train. I wonder where the baby gets its power?

There is also a bad guy, sort of, Sublime. His sister is missing. I don't want to spoil anything, but I am very curious about what happens on the last page. Is this Sublime's sister? I'm more interested in how the baby got its powers. I guess I'll have to wait until the next issue.

My favorite panel in the whole book is when Kitty goes into the train. The artist, Oliver Coipel, draws amazing faces. I knew exactly what emotion each character is thinking and feeling just by looking at the picture. It doesn't matter if the characters are having a conversation or on a rescue mission, you have to keep on turning the pages to find out what happens next. I liked all of the detail especially when a train derails.
X-Men #1 has so many thrills you have to read the next issue. The ending was so amazing! I think boys, but especially girls will like this comic because it's about girls and it would actually get girls to read more comics.


  1. Best father ever for having your daughter write a post! I really enjoyed her insight and it seems she is developing quite a nice grasp on understanding all of the techniques comic creators use to deliver the story. I hope she keeps reading this series. I am not too much older than her and have a blog of my own. I will be reviewing this same issue very shortly. Keep writing!
    --Sam Roche

  2. The fact that at nine years old she writes a better comic book review than I ever have is proof that SHE'S A SILVA!

    Well done there, Mr. Father-of-the-year, for raising them right.

    I like how she kind of keyed into what we were talking about at the end of our conversation tonight, too. You are a crafty one, Silva -- very crafty.

  3. Great review daughter of Keith! Keep up the great work!